The process of getting any website up and running has two main components – the design (what you see) and placement of your domain name/web address on the World Wide Web. Both components need to be in place for your site to be functional.

Getting Started

To get started you need to choose a domain name (this is your distinct web address, e.g. and a “web host.” You can think of hosting as “renting space” on the World Wide Web, and a “web host” is simply, a computer with a permanent, open-to-the-public connection to the Internet’s World Wide Web. I recommend – a web hosting service provided by Robert Rickover of The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique. This means you do not need to find your own web host, and we can take care of the whole process for you.

WordPress Website Design

wordpress-icon-128Using WordPress Imogen has many different templates at her fingertips available to use for your site. These can be customized by use of different fonts, colors, graphics, etc. In addition WordPress offers a whole host of applications (“plugins”) which can easily be added to your site for added functionality, e.g. easy connections with social media, contact forms, embedding audio, incorporating a mobile version of your site for people using a smartphone, and much more.

Each website will have its own unique header. While Imogen is not a graphic designer, she can incorporate your own logo into the design if you have one, or help you find an image to use instead.



* Robert Rickover created this fun image of the bus for me!