Specifically for WordPress Sites:

“Working with Imogen is a real pleasure and she quickly intuited the kind of look and feel I wanted. The result was exactly what I would have magicked into existence if I had such abilities myself!”
– John Nicholls, Alexander Technique Teacher

“I would like to recommend Imogen as a Website Designer. She designed and set up a website for me within 3 days. She made it into a painless and fun process and has given me a site where I have full control. I really enjoyed working with Imogen and have no hesitation in recommending her.”
– Daška Hatton, Alexander Technique Teacher, London, UK

“Imogen is a great web designer and I appreciate being able to create my website using Word Press.  I now have the freedom to change, update, and edit as I need in the future.  She has a real talent with layout and design and the whole process has been a real pleasure.  I’m lucky to have found her!”
– Lisa Galbraith, Alexander Technique Teacher, Minneapolis/Shorewood, Minnesota

“As a technophobe, I was overwhelmed at the prospect of designing a website, but Imogen demystified every step. Her patience with my frazzled questions and concerns, her calm efficiency, and her great aesthetic sensibility resulted in a website way beyond my expectations.”
– Mara Sokolsky, Alexander Technique Teacher, Upper East Side, New York City

“Imogen had not done a CPA’s website before, but she went to work, and we ended up with a website that has helped me attract new business for the past two years. Thanks Imogen!”
– James Kennedy, CPA

I’m now on my third WordPress site (all designed by Imogen!) and the more I use WordPress the more I like it.  Pages are easy to edit, adding photos or images is a breeze and the overall look is very appealing.  A big plus of using WordPress sites is the incredible variety of (mostly) free “Plugins” that can do anything from taking care of spam and backing up your files on a daily basis to making your site show up nicely on the very small screens used by handheld devices.  It seems like every week or so, Imogen discovers a new – and useful – Plugin.
– Robert Rickover, Alexander Technique Teacher, Lincoln, Nebraska
www.alexandervideo.com, www.bodylearningblog.com and www.alextechhost.com

I have put off creating a webpage for several years because I’ve not been comfortable with the process. It has intimidated me so much. In fact, a very dear friend of mine offered to pay for Imogen to make a website for me two years ago. I wasn’t ready. A few weeks ago I nervously contacted Imogen to begin the process for myself and within a very short time felt very comfortable, and, which is a gift of Imogen’s, capable. She listened with clarity and respect. She created something for me that was even more beautiful and reflective of who I wanted to be represented as, than I saw for myself. And she was tireless in her efforts. Never did I feel as if she was inconvenienced by all my questions and changes.
A website, I found out, can be a thoughtful reflection of the self. It is personal, meaningful and, like a door, it opens one up to the world. For some it is utilitarian and purely functional. For me it is a greeting and a personal invitation. Imogen’s sensitivity and perception created a door that opens widely and brightly to the world, and I, on the other side feel so proud to welcome anyone in. That is a very rare gift. Thank you so much Imogen.
– Melody Schaper, Alexander Technique Teacher & Gestalt Therapist, Kimberton, Pennsylvania

In general:

“Imogen Ragone’s web design service is a wonderful resource for Alexander Teachers. She combines knowledge of the Technique, extraordinary artistic and technical skill, very reasonable prices – and a great deal of patience. If you’ve been thinking about a getting a website, or upgrading the one you have now, call Imogen today!”
– Robert Rickover, Teacher of the Alexander Technique, and creator of The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique
and thealexandertechnique.net

“Imogen Ragone is a total professional when it comes to creating websites. With the information I provided, she was able to write, design and get it web-ready in less than a week, unheard of in the website business. Her clarity, originality and insight from just phone conversations produced a website that I will be happy to use for many years. She is personable, communicates with ease and is reasonably priced. I will recommend her to everyone I know.”
– Joanie Mercer, Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Austin, Texas

“Thank you, again, not only for your expertise, but for creating such a smooth, supportive, and easy to do process for me. Something I had dreaded turned out to be surprisingly very stimulating and enjoyable.”
– Mona Sulzman, Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Ithaca, New York

“I have absolute confidence in recommending Imogen Ragone as a web designer. She is fast, accurate, and a pleasure to work with. I have already recommended her, and that client was also extremely pleased.”
– Ruth Rootberg, Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Amherst, Massachusetts

“Working with Imogen Ragone on the process of creating my website was a joyous adventure. Her professionalism and artistry as a website designer is phenomenal; she brings a wealth of specific and creative ideas to the table. She helped me to navigate through the artistic possibilities and technical demands of creating a website with great ease and expertise. With the added benefit of her experience as a teacher of the Alexander Technique, she was particulalrly helpful with wording and photo choices. We worked together as a powerful and creative team, and I am very pleased with the result.”
– Meade Andrews, Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Lawrenceville, New Jersey

“My website looks awesome and Imogen has been wonderful to work with!! It has been more like fun than work. It was a bonus that she is an Alexander Teacher and had many excellent ideas and suggestions. Imogen allowed me to play and experiment and change my mind, certainly quite different from my previous experience. I am grateful to have found Imogen and I will miss working/playing with her.”
– Alana Cox, Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Orange, Massachusetts

“Imogen, I have shown my website to friends and family and they ALL say that it is BEAUTIFUL!
Thank you! I am very pleased!”

– Mary Derbyshire, Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Little Compton, Rhode Island

“I am really pleased with the website Imogen created for me. I found Imogen to be extremely helpful, patient and dependable. She gave me some excellent ideas about how to design my website and gave me some good ideas about how to get exposure for my site. I highly recommend her.” 
– Gary Adelman, Teacher of the Alexander Technique/Tennis Coach, Glen Head, Long Island, New York

“Imogen intuited my website design – font, color, white space – from my e-mail style and signature, and got it exactly right. She is responsible, creative, and a joy to work with. The whole process was fun and the final product is deeply pleasing.”
– Sandra Bain Cushman, Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Charlottesville, Virginia

“I want to thank you again for your excellent work on my website. You have captured something about me and expressed it in your design decisions. I have so enjoyed working with you. I especially appreciate your prompt turn around and abundant patience. This has been a delightful process for me and I am so pleased with the outcome.” 
– Carol Boggs, Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Silver Spring, Maryland

“I am very pleased with both sites. Thank you so much for all you have done. You have been a joy to work with.” 
– Jane Staggs, Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Cambridge, England
www.alexandertechnique.com/cambridge and www.pilatesandalexander.com/cambridge

“Imogen has been incredibly easy to work with. She guided me in taking my website from an abstract idea to a concrete, user-friendly, well-organized layout. In addition, she took what seemed an insurmountable task and helped to turn it into a manageable project. She is prompt, her work is high quality and her rates are very reasonable. I recommend her without reservation.” 
– Dr. Amy K. Roisum Foley, Director of Bands/Associate Professor of Music, Minnesota State University

“I give Imogen 10 stars for her fantastic work and highly recommend other Alexander Technique teachers wanting to develop a website hire Imogen!”
– Cathy Pollock, Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Central Oregon

“Thank you for all your help in putting together my website. I am very happy with how it looks and how it represents AT and me! Feedback has been positive and I wanted you to know… The AT community is lucky to have you!”
– Doris May, Teacher of the Alexander Technique, New York City